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What is the DAAD-ID?

What is the DAAD ID and where can I use it?

The DAAD offers a large number of services that you can only use after registering with us. The DAAD ID is your central user profile that will give you access to all our services using a single login. You no longer need to memorise several user names and passwords.

After Login you will find an overview of all services accessible to you on the homepage or under DAAD Services in the navigation.

There are plans to link further services. You can find an overview of the services in the menu under DAAD Services.

How much does it cost to register?

Registration and the DAAD ID are free of charge and can be set up in only a few steps.

Important note: Please do not use any third-party services to carry out your registration for a fee. The DAAD does not support such services.

Which data are saved?

We save the following data entered at the time of registration: Email address, password, title, first name, surname, preferred language.

More information can be found in our Data Privacy Statement.